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The Inertia model is built for tubes, full rails carves and critical top to bottom surfing for the everyday surfer to pro.

Designed with sensitive rails and a single to deep double concave out through the tail rocker for solid steep and powerful beach breaks, points and reefs. However it still excels in smaller conditions due to the careful distribution of foam and volume for paddle, drive and stability.

This is our design version of a very popular plan shape that most if not all shapers and surfboard manufactures have in their most popular surfboard designs list and for good reason.

Product Description:

  • Drive Speed 4/5.
  • Wave Height 2-8 Ft.
  • Movability 5/5.
  • Paddle Power 4/5.
  • Ability Intermediate to Expert.

Inertia Dims

Each board is made to order, allow 3-6 weeks for manufacture & delivery.

Fin Setup


3-fin Thruster = $ 0


5-fin Option = $ 20

Fin Type

FCSII  or Futures
Fin type

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